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Photo Home Page

One of my hobbies is photography, in particular digitally processed photography and in particular panoramic photography.

I used to shoot on film, scan and work with the scanned images. Now I use the Canon 40D digital camera and others.


Photos and Travelogues

Panoramic Photo pagesOver 100 high resolution sweeping panoramic photos. Several good enough that people actually buy 'em!
My Best PanoramasA selection of choice panoramas.
AustraliaOctober 2005 tour of Australia.
Death Valley Wildflowers in 2005The greatest in 50 years, plus also Antelope Valley poppies and Carrizo Plain National Monument.
China and the Yangtse River2 weeks in China in Spring 2002 with a cruise up the doomed Yangtse through the Three Gorges.
Nevada, Utah, Arizona, ColoradaPhoto Essay from trip after Burning Man 1999.
Japan Tourincluding pictures of the 2001 Leonid Meteor Storm.
Grand Canyon, Lake Powell, Rainbow Bridge, Monument ValleyPhoto essay.
Greece, Turkey, Ukraine, Black SeaEclipse Cruise '99
2009 EclipseEclipse on the Enewetak Atoll by special jet
Around the World in 14 daysEssay on a Round-the-World trip to Hong Kong and South Africa in 1995
South African PoliticsMy commentary on the politics of South Africa, plus 7 safari photos.
Total Solar EclipsePrelminary shots from the 1999 eclipse on the Black Sea.
Transit of Venus 2004The transit of Venus from Stony Lake, Ontario
OregonTrip in 2000 up the Cascades and down the coast.
Leonids 2002The Leonid Meteor Storm, Nov 19 2002

Burning Man Panoramas & Photos

For a complete index visit my master Burning Man page.

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Other Photos & Fun with Photoshop

  1. What San Jose would look like if there were no pollution.
  2. The Darth-Darth Binks page with other graphics.
  3. The Unusual Portrait of my family

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