Brad Templeton's Photography
Using my photos

Using my photos

I do offer my photos for use in a variety of ways. Many people purchase prints of my panoramic photos and others, which cost roughly $11/square foot. If you need to use a printer you work with instead (ie. overseas,) put me in contact with them.

I also do commercial licencing for use on web sites, multimedia production, books, brochures and other matters. To find out the pricing for any commercial use, contact me at Please describe the intended use. If it's a magazine or brochure or anything with a print-run or circulations, tell me the size of that circulation, and how big you want the picture to appear. Most of the photos are available at much higher resolution than appears on the web site.

If it's for electronic use, such as a web site, let me know which site it is (or describe it, if it's new) and tell me how many pages you want to put the image on and a very rough idea of the traffic.

Note that for photos of/for the USA, for legal reasons I will connect you with a 3rd party in the US. (I am Canadian.)

Free Uses

I do allow several free uses. Many people use the images on the screen here for desktop wallpapers (particularly on multi-monitor systems) or just for their own collections. And I do give permission to selected folks to use the pictures free or very cheap in non-commercial activities, but you have to ask first. Examples have included indie album covers, school handouts and projects and personal web pages.

No inlining

I don't permit "inlining" of any full-sized images. This is the practice of writing HTML so that the picture is fetched from my web server but appears embedded in your page, as though it's yours. People who do this just suck my bandwidth and rarely, if ever, give credit. Thumbnail inlining, with credit, is permitted unless the traffic is horrendous. If it is, write me to ask about copying the picture to your own server.

Burning Man

Note that I have many pictures shot at Burning Man. Burning Man is a private event, and their contract exerts some control over commercial use of photography from Burning Man. While it is possible to use some of these, Burnning Man may veto certain uses of imagery obviously from the event, and will require a payment.