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My Photos and Photo Viewer

My Photos and Photo Viewer

Most photos on the site were done from digital cameras, most recently the EOS 5d2, but going back into the distant past some are from scanned film.

I specialize in panoramic photos -- more on those below.

Image Resizer

Most images on my web site are viewed through a special gateway program which allows you to pick the size you like to see images. By default, when you click on images you see them at their full size. However, this can be rather large, so the screen with the images will offer you a link to set your default image size.

For example, to control the download time, you can set the size to some number of kilobytes. The program will attempt to shrink images to (very approximately) that size. JPEG sizing isn't exact, so there is often some variance.

If you set screen dimensions, images will always be shrunk to fit within that size. If the image is smaller, it will be shown as is.

Note that resizing an image takes time, so, especially on very large images like panoramas, there will be a delay before the image starts appearing. Viewing the raw image will come at the speed of your web link.

Once you view an image you can click on the smaller one to see the "raw" or full sized image file, with no processing. Or you can click on links to see the image at other sizes. (Typically you might start small and then view ones you are interested in at a larger size.) You can also set a custom width by filling in the width box. Finally, you can call up the form again to change your default size.


Your default size is kept in a web cookie. It stays around only for your web session, so the next visit you make to my site, you may need to specify your size choice again. If you have cookies turned off in your web browser, the system will not work. You will need to click on the "raw" link to the pictures I usually provide.

Panoramic Photos

I like to bulid panoramic photos by taking a series of overlapping photos (often a full 360 degree wrap-around series) and using special software such as AutoPanoPro to seamlessly overlap the shots.

These photos are astounding, unlike anything in conventional photography. You can view them with an ordinary jpeg viewer and pan around, or you can use the Flash zoom viewer on most. In this viewer you can zoom around with the mouse or with arrow keys. I recommend the mouse wheel and the arrow keys and putting the viewer in full screen mode using the icon in the upper right.

You can right click in the viewer for a variety of options.

Report any bugs in the system (other than size mis-estimates, I know about those) to