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Return to Lake Powell

Return to Lake Powell

My first trip through southern Utah, I had not planned to visit Lake Powell, which is the artificial lake in the Colorado River formed by Glen Canyon Dam.

Lake Powell is "just" a national recreation area, while Utah is chock-a-block with full-scale national monuments and parks. However, leaving the Grand Canyon, it seemed that one could avoid retracing certain roads with somewhat of a detour to Lake Powell.

When I arrived, I photographed an absolutely glorious sunset light on Lake Powell resulting in one of my favourite panoramas. I swore I would come back. I was scheduled to go to Phoenix the next month, so I arranged to drive up and do a drive visiting the South Rim of the Grand Canyon, rent a motorboat to spend a day on Lake Powell, visit Antelope Canyon and zoom through the famous Monument Valley.

On Lake Powell, which is mostly in Utah but dips into Arizona, we boated to visit Rainbow Bridge National Monument, the world's largest (by some definitions) natural stone arch.

The trip continued with a rush trip back through Painted Desert National Park which I had visited before but Kathryn had not, and then back into Phoenix for the return.