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Burning Man 2011

Burning Man 2011

This year I aimed to do some super high resolution panoramas. The flash zoom viewer will show it all to you -- in some cases even a 2 foot high print won't show it all.

Check my blog for announcements of updates and the regular photos.

And also check the gallery of regular size photos of 2011.

Donors to BRAF may purchase large prints of these photos. I keep several on my walls, and an 20 foot long one wrapped around my staircase. Every time I go up the stairs I imagine myself in Black Rock City.

prom-360.jpg (21000 x 577 - 2086K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 9° (Exif) Full size is 191092 x 5255 (1004 Megapix) (47' x 15" at 339PPI)
Gigapixel BRC from Prometheatrix

A gigapixel picture of the entire city shot from the Prometheatrix tower. Zoom in all the way to see the individual faces.

bmir-night.jpg (21000 x 630 - 916K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 10° (Exif) Full size is 109963 x 3299 (363 Megapix) (43' 1" x 16" at 212PPI)
BRC at night from BMIR, 5:30 and Esplanade

The city at night, from the BMIR studio on the Esplanade around 5:30.

core-circle-day.jpg (10475 x 1100 - 1077K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 36° (Exif) Full size is 50574 x 5311 (268 Megapix) (12' 4" x 16" at 342PPI)
CORE circle by day, from Lighthouse

The CORE (Circle of Regional Effigies) was a set of different sculptures to burn in a circle around the man, each built by a different region. This shot, from the lighthouse, shows the Man and the other effigies

crt-blur-face.jpg (10117 x 1100 - 1532K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 37° (Exif) Full size is 51392 x 5588 (287 Megapix) (11' 11" x 16" at 360PPI)
Critical Tits main group

A photo of the main group of the Critical Tits ride. The huge scope of this ride is one of the most important things about it -- thousands of women, growing each year -- and only a pano can truly show that scope. However, photography of this ride is controversal. Some people, even ride organizers love this photo, some dislike all photography of the ride. I have chosen to blur both breasts and faces of topless riders to protect their privacy. Blurring just faces seems creepy and blurring just breasts still allows somebody to be identified as in the ride.

I feel this is a shame -- this ride is about pride and the joy on the faces of many of the women is a big part of the photo and the experience, along with the lovely paint jobs on most of the chests -- but it does protect their privacy and still show the scope of the ride and the huge crowd around it, who are not blurred.

Upon request I will blur entire individuals.

Note that because of the vast number of fast moving people, these photos have many blending errors compared to my usual work.

crt200-blur-face.jpg (20184 x 1100 - 4394K) or VR/Zoom!180° x 9° (Exif) Full size is 58240 x 3174 (185 Megapix) (23' 8" x 16" at 204PPI)
Critical Tits detail

This is another shot, even higher resolution, but done near the end of the ride, so it actually is more a capture of the crowd and the playa on a busy Friday afternoon with all the bustle. The few riders who might be identifiable are blurred.

fromtemple-day.jpg (4447 x 1100 - 537K) or VR/Zoom!194° x 45° (.pano) Full size is 35606 x 8807 (313 Megapix) (5' 3" x 15" at 568PPI)
City viewed from Temple

A shot from the deck of the temple. Very high resolution but with some flaws due to handholding. You can see the curve of the city and the wires strung to the temple.

fromtemple-night.jpg (5351 x 1100 - 582K) or VR/Zoom!152° x 30° (Exif) Full size is 26917 x 5533 (149 Megapix) (6' 3" x 16" at 356PPI)
City viewed from Temple at Night

Black Rock City is so dramatic at night, and art cars and people often congregate at the temple into the night.

horse-pull.jpg (2972 x 1100 - 394K) or VR/Zoom!170° x 57° (Exif) Full size is 14893 x 5512 (82 Megapix) (3' 6" x 16" at 355PPI)
Trojan Horse Pull

A popular installation was the Greek Horse (often mistakenly called a Trojan Horse) which was pulled by 1,000 people acting as Trojans onto a pyre. Here is a pano during the pull.

(1170 x 1100 - 242K) or VR/Zoom!

183° x 172° (Exif) Full size is 14637 x 13756 (201 Megapix)
(For example, 2' 9" x 2' 7" at 443PPI)

Inside the Temple (upper)

I did two handheld shots of the central meditation area within the temple. This one is from the upper deck. It distorts the area below me but shows the whole scope of the room.

(1355 x 1100 - 329K) or VR/Zoom!

158° x 128° (Exif) Full size is 12803 x 10395 (133 Megapix)
(For example, 5' 4" x 4' 4" at 200PPI)

Inside the Temple (lower)

This shot of the inner meditation zone is from the floor.

ontemple-wide.jpg (5230 x 1100 - 962K) or VR/Zoom!298° x 57° (Exif) Full size is 25332 x 5328 (135 Megapix) (6' 2" x 16" at 343PPI)
On the Temple

A wide angle panorama shot from the deck of the temple showing most of it and the desert.

pier-a.jpg (8251 x 1100 - 1561K) or VR/Zoom!148° x 19° (Exif) Full size is 38868 x 5181 (201 Megapix) (9' 8" x 16" at 334PPI)
The Pier

Perhaps the most favoured installation was the pier. The gentle slope let you imagine you were walking on a pier out into the sea. It was always full of people, with others underneath.

temple70.jpg (2980 x 1100 - 424K) or VR/Zoom!82° x 29° (Exif) Full size is 20939 x 7729 (162 Megapix) (7' x 2' 7" at 249PPI)
Temple from outside

A high-res shot of the entire Temple in daytime.

tilted-playa.jpg (11780 x 1100 - 2144K) or VR/Zoom!179° x 16° (Exif) Full size is 44892 x 4192 (188 Megapix) (13' 10" x 16" at 270PPI)
Pier, tilted to be level

I thought it would be amusing to produce a shot of the pier where it is level and the playa slopes off like a sea floor, as this was the illusion created by this pier.