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Burning Man 2001

Burning Man 2001

I've written extensively elsewhere about Burning Man. Here are my panoramas from the 2001 edition. Other pictures can be found in the photo-essays of my 2001 Burning Man trip.

(See also 2000, 1999 and 1998 which has the most text.)

For Burning Man 2001 the greatest trouble was finding a time without heavy dust in the air. From Tuesday to Friday, clear periods were rare. Fortunatley there was some decent clarity on Saturday before the burn. Still, you will find dust in some of these, though I used techniques to remove it.

I used two main towers. One was the Ziggurat (the structure with the giant steps), built in the Playa a bit south of the promenade to the man. Another was the tower in the "Stoke 'n' Poke's game-a-lot" camp, next to the Alien Love Nest in center camp. This tower wasn't as high as towers I have used in 98 and 99. The Cherry pickers kept busy so I didn't use those.

Don't forget that these web images are ten times fewer pixels than the full images. To see these things you really need to see them printed out (or on big screen.) I usually show them on the Playa and at B.M. Decompression parties.

This year I had the Canon EOS D30 digital camera with me.

Panorama: Burning Man 2001 Long Panorama from Stoke 'n' Poke's Game-a-Lot near center camp
aln50.jpg (16025 x 1100 - 2615K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 29398 x 2018 (59 Megapix). (13' 7" x 11" [$129] at 180PPI) (See Full-Rez Slice)

From the Stoke 'n Poke tower, Saturday afternoon. Finally clear air. With a 50mm lens on the EOS D30 (equivalent of 80mm in 35mm) and a 360 degree view.

esplanade.jpg (29999 x 989 - 3841K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 62182 x 2050 (127 Megapix). (28' 9" x 11" [$231] at 180PPI)

This newly constructed shot shows a close-up of the entire city, from the Emerald City at 2 o'clock around to 10 and then to the Man and temple. I build this panorama in 2008 and have put it up here at much higher than the normal resolution, though it was shot on the lower-res D30 camera and has a few minor problems.

Panorama: Wide angle view from the 2001 Burning Man Ziggurat
zig-17mm.jpg (2591 x 600 - 166K) Full size is 11148 x 2582 (29 Megapix). (5' 2" x 14" [$68] at 180PPI)

Shot from the Ziggurat with a 17mm lens on 35mm Velvia film. With such a wide angle you can't see a lot of detail in the city, but you can get a quick grasp of the entire Playa.

Note that in this shot, like others from the Ziggurat, the circular city looks like a line as the camera pans over it.

Panorama: Long panorama from Ziggurat at Burning Man 2001.  Note how city becomes a line
bm50-zig.jpg (7900 x 555 - 343K) Full size is 29999 x 2053 (61 Megapix). (13' 11" x 11" [$132] at 180PPI)

A 50mm D30 shot of the entire city. You can see details in most of the camps in the full panorama, but resolution here on the web site is reduced. A 350 degree shot -- the rotating letters block a small portion.

Panorama: Sunset at Burning Man 2001, from a tower camp near the entrance from the hiway.
bmsunset.jpg (7900 x 549 - 444K) Full size is 15129 x 1051 (16 Megapix). (7' x 6" [$37] at 180PPI)

A sunset shot on Friday on the D30 from a tall tower at about 6:00 and Justice. Good view of the back of center camp, Radio Free Burning Man and what it was like to be a bit further out in the city.

zig-espl.jpg (21000 x 920 - 2347K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 44376 x 1944 (86 Megapix). (20' 7" x 11" [$169] at 180PPI)

A 200mm view of the inner esplanade from the Zuggurat, rebuilt in 2010. It goes from Thunderdome (4:30) to OCF and the Conglomerate (at 7:30). This is so close in you can see all the individual Esplanade camps, and individual people walking by. It's like a walking tour of the center half of the Esplanade.

Panorama: Late Sunday, a panorama from the roof of my RV at 7:15 and Head at Burning Man 2001

(2531 x 600 - 154K)

Full size is 10896 x 2583 (28 Megapix)
(For example, 5' 1" x 14" [$66] at 180PPI)
(See Full-Rez Slice)

A panorama shot from my RV roof at 17mm on Velvia. This shot was taken late Sunday night, and shows how many have already left. My RV was at 7:15, halfway between Esplanade and Infant, in Oregon Country Fair camp.