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Burning Man 2010

Burning Man 2010

Burning Man 2010 was a somewhat lower key year for us. We camped on the 9 o'clock plaza (and will return to it in 2011) rather than on the Esplanade. The plazas are less busy than Esplanade, but they have a bit of a social culture. The phone booth was back but I have scaled back my involvement and Brent does most of the work now. The photo wall was back in force, thanks to my new printer and some 2' high images. I plan to work mostly with these rather than trying to exhibit the whole past decade.

Unfortunately the event started on the a sour note, leaving behind a sick cat who did not last until our return. However, the playa eventually cheered us up.

For more information on Burning Man in general, check out my essays of prior years and my Panorama Intro Page and my 2010 Panorama page which features my newest shots that go beyond a gigapixel.

You can read a recent essay on thoughts on the nature of Burning Man.

Are you in here?

If you're in one of these shots naked and don't want to be, let me know and I'll see if I can find an alternate or blur you. I wasn't always able to get permission on group shots.

Photography & The Wall

Photos again were taken mostly with the Canon 5d Mark II and Canon IX 870. Most panos shot with my 50mm prime and the 70-200 zoom.

This year I displayed some photos printed on vinyl with liquid lamination. The lamination is lots of work, and as I was leaving one photo out to dry it fell in the pool. Pulling it out, it had a large white splotch and I thought it ruined. But in a few hours it dried and the white splotch went away, and it was displayed on playa. That saved having to do a waterproof test!