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The Best of Oregon

The Best of Oregon

VR Tour

We drove up the side of the cascades, through the Columbia River Gorge, and down the Oregon Coast. Stunning stuff. The bad news is my SLR body failed as we reached the most spectacular stuff on the southern coast.

The regular photos and the full story can be seen at the Oregon Photo Essay.

trill-dock.jpg (5409 x 1100 - 887K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 73° (Set) Full size is 12722 x 2587 (33 Megapix) (5' 11" x 14" at 180PPI)
Trillium Lake Dock

The view from the docks at Trillium lake, on the shorts of Mount Hood.

trill1.jpg (4558 x 1100 - 801K) or VR/Zoom!161° (FL) Full size is 10712 x 2585 (28 Megapix) (5' x 14" at 180PPI)
Trillium Lake

A shot from the side of Trillium lake, just after sunrise, with mist on the still water and fishermen active.

lava-lake.jpg (2555 x 1100 - 514K) or VR/Zoom!140° x 60° (IVR) Full size is 6449 x 2777 (18 Megapix) (3' x 15" at 180PPI)
Lava Lake with volcano

From the dock at Lava Lake, on the Cascades Scenic Byway.

cove2.jpg (2705 x 1100 - 522K) or VR/Zoom!136° (FL) Full size is 6169 x 2509 (15 Megapix) (2' 10" x 14" at 180PPI)
Cape Meares State Viewpoint

A view of a cove near cape Meares at sunset.

cm2.jpg (3629 x 1100 - 681K) or VR/Zoom!268° (FL) Full size is 8346 x 2530 (21 Megapix) (3' 10" x 14" at 180PPI)
Cape Meares

Another view of the cove.

capemer.jpg (3503 x 1100 - 693K) or VR/Zoom!177° (FL) Full size is 8299 x 2606 (22 Megapix) (3' 10" x 14" at 180PPI)
Cape Meares Scenic Park

Another cove on the Cape Meares loop

three-gorges.jpg (4784 x 1100 - 559K) or VR/Zoom!169° (FL) Full size is 5541 x 1274 (7 Megapix) (2' 7" x 7" at 180PPI)
Three gorges of Columbia

Cove Palisades State Park, where three rivers and their gorges join and a reservoir has been formed. As close as Oregon gets to Lake Powell.

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