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Poorer panoramas from Oregon

Poorer panoramas from Oregon

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Panorama: Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area
gorge.jpg (1973 x 600 - 124K)
Full size is 4189 x 1274. (1' 9" x 6" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

The Columbia River Gorge from Vista House at Crown Point on the old highway. Alas, a very hazy day, otherwise this would be a keeper.

Panorama: Astoria, from the column, Oregon
astoria-column.jpg (3622 x 600 - 237K)
Full size is 7840 x 1299. (3' 3" x 6" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

A 360 degree view of the mouth of the Columbia from the Astoria Column.

Panorama: Smith Rocks State Park, Oregon
smithrocks.jpg (2374 x 600 - 273K)
Full size is 5456 x 1379. (2' 3" x 7" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

Smith Rocks state park, along the Crooked River, near sunset.

Panorama: Battle Rock Beach, Oregon
rockwide.jpg (1475 x 600 - 88K)
Full size is 3130 x 1274. (1' 4" x 6" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

The Battle Rock area on the coast.

Panorama: Multnomah Falls, Oregon
tallfalls.jpg (390 x 600 - 69K)
Full size is 1274 x 1963. (6" x 10" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

A vertical panorama of the upper Multnomah Falls, from the bridge. d=

Panorama: Crater Lake, Oregon
cald-climate-pano.jpg (3081 x 600 - 151K)
Full size is 3974 x 77. (1' 8" x 0" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

Digital Camera shot of the Caldera Climate overlook at Crater Lake National park. Crater Lake is astounding and I must return to shoot it properly. The deep blue is striking and the views are indeed panoramic. d=

Panorama: Crater Lake, Oregon
crater-south-pano.jpg (2054 x 600 - 202K)
Full size is 3248 x 949. (1' 4" x 5" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

The view from the south end of Crater Lake.