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Here are the Panoramas from my Japan Photo Essay. We went to Japan for the 2001 Leonid Meteor Storm.

ginza-improved.jpg (5597 x 960 - 914K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 61° (Set) Full size is 10406 x 1785 (18 Megapix) (4' 10" x 10" at 180PPI)
Ginza's main corner

This is the ur-corner of Ginza-5-chome, perhaps the most famous intersection in Japan. This day they closed off one of the main streets so I was able to take this panorama from the middle of one street on the edge. It was handheld, and as such as people moved from frame to frame, they blur.

(1042 x 600 - 97K)

(L) Full size is 3236 x 1864 (6 Megapix)
(For example, 18" x 10" at 180PPI)


The Golden Pavilion, Kinkaku-Ji, in panorama at fall. Many other shots can be found on the Kyoto page.

fishmarket.jpg (3502 x 600 - 341K) (Lost)(L) Full size is 11445 x 1961 (22 Megapix) (5' 4" x 11" at 180PPI)
Inside the original Tsukiji Fish Market

A handheld 360 degree shot taken inside the Tsukiji Fish Market. This shot was later in the day as people were packing up. I don't think it would be possible to find a corner where you could stand still long enough to shoot a panorama when the market is in full swing.

Note that you will find people who moved oddly pasted together in this panorama.

hameji.jpg (1681 x 600 - 191K) (Lost)(L) Full size is 5402 x 1928 (10 Megapix) (2' 6" x 11" at 180PPI)
Hameji Castle

This is a view of Himeji Castle, considered the finest remaining castle in Japan, from its large courtyard.

himeji-view.jpg (1953 x 600 - 167K) (Lost)(L) Full size is 5952 x 1829 (11 Megapix) (2' 9" x 10" at 180PPI)
View from Hameji Castle

This is the view from the top of the castle, inland. (The courtyard above was into the sun.) Trees in full fall colour.

miyajima.jpg (6262 x 1100 - 1668K) or VR/Zoom!189° x 32° (Exif) Full size is 11893 x 2265 (27 Megapix) (5' 6" x 13" at 180PPI)
Shrine of Myajima, near Hiroshima

This view shows the fabulous shrine at Miyajima, south of Hiroshima, with the floating Torii and the shrine on stilts. The 5-storey pagoda and the 'burbs of Hiroshima are also visible.

toktower.jpg (7780 x 1100 - 1402K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 50° (Set) Full size is 10665 x 1508 (16 Megapix) (4' 11" x 8" at 180PPI)
Tokyo Tower 360 view

A 360 degree panorama of all of Tokyo taken from the upper deck of the Tokyo Tower.

koraku-en.jpg (2460 x 600 - 170K) (Lost)(L) Full size is 8069 x 1068 (9 Megapix) (3' 9" x 6" at 180PPI)
Kraku-en Garden, Okayama

This is the Koraku-en garden, in Okayama. Considered one of the 3 finest gardens of Japan. 3 workers rake the lake in the early morning.