Image Size Preference Setup

Image Size Preference Setup

This site has a lot of images that you may wish to browse. You use this form to set the default on how large you want to view them.

Set an approximate maximum download size you would like, and/or set a maximum size in pixels on the screen. These will control what you see when you click on a picture. But each picture will also include links to other sizes, and to the "raw" image at full size.

If an image is already smaller than your choice, you will get it as-is. Default JPEG Quality is 65, which is usually a good choice.

Set Approximate Maximum Download SizeSet Max Image Size in Pixels
~20KB7 seconds by modem -- slow links or quick look
~30KBOK for most modem users
~40KBGood at 56k
~60KBDecent picture
~90KBGood quality, close to full size
~120KBISDN or better
NoneNo limit on file size
360 by 360Very small
620 by 440Suitable for old laptop screen
780 by 580For 800x600 screen
780 by 780As above, with scroll
1024 by 768Common full screen size
1220 by 980Large screens
1600 by 1200XL screens
NoneNo limit on image size
Reduce JPEG quality to 50% to save more space

Alternately, set custom limits

Maximum Width pixels
Maximum Height pixels
Approximate Size KB
JPEG Quality (From 15 to 60, lower is smaller)

You can always pick another size after viewing a picture, or change your preference.

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