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Buying Panoramic Pictures

Buying Panoramic Pictures

Note: This is the old price page. Now most photos have a price link that helps you calculate the price for particular photo, but not all pages have yet been converted, so some link here.

After reading about calculating the size, you can read the page on photo ordering and prices.

Calculating your size and price

Go back to the picture you want and note the dimensions, in pixels for the full panorama. For example it will say "The full panorama is 15023 x 2890" and will give a suggested size and DPI value. You work out how large you want the image, either as a width or height. Say you decide you want the picture 6 feet (72 inches) long. Multiply 72 times pixel-height divided by pixel-width. Here, we have 72 * 2890 / 15023 or 13.85 inches. Next multiply the two dimensions to get square inches and divide by 144 to get square feet: 72 * 13.85 / 144 is 6.925 square feet, so the picture will be $69.25 to print, plus shipping and tube, which is usually about $7 by priority mail.

You may want to work out your DPI (more properly, PPI) based on the rules laid out above.