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Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, Sweden

VR Tour

These photographs come from a Baltic trip to Helsinki, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. After this trip, I purchased some new panorama software, called AutoPano Pro. "APP" as it is called is much more automatic than my other tools, and handles handheld-shot panoramas with a lot less work. However, as yet it can't fine tune panos as perfectly so I will still be using Panorama Factory for some of these.

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norrstrom-50.jpg (8104 x 1100 - 1082K) or VR/Zoom!200° x 27° (Set) Full size is 26234 x 3561 (93 Megapix) (9' 6" x 16" at 229PPI)
The Norrström harbour detail

The Norrström harbour at dusk, shot from the banks.

tower200.jpg (9829 x 1100 - 2123K) or VR/Zoom!46° x 5° (.pano) Full size is 28469 x 3186 (91 Megapix) (11' 7" x 15" at 205PPI)
Close up of central Stockholm fromKaknästornet

A close-up of downtown Stockholm, featuring the old town (Gamla Stan) and Östermalm, from the TV tower.

(1815 x 1100 - 368K) or VR/Zoom!

140° x 84° (.pano) Full size is 5005 x 3033 (15 Megapix)
(For example, 2' 2" x 16" at 195PPI)

The Vasa, 17th century intact ship

The giant Vasa warship, which sank on its maiden voyage (bad design due to the King's requests) was salvaged and sits in an amazing museum. Only a pano is able to capture it all.

katherine-west.jpg (7691 x 1100 - 883K) or VR/Zoom!164° x 23° (.pano) Full size is 25785 x 3688 (95 Megapix) (9' x 16" at 237PPI)
Södermalm and south island from the bridge

West from the Katrina elevator in Slossen, south of old town, at sunset.

stock-water-scene.jpg (13688 x 1100 - 2291K) or VR/Zoom!292° x 23° (.pano) Full size is 45356 x 3645 (165 Megapix) (16' 1" x 16" at 235PPI)
Stockholm boats

On the edge of the water in Gamla Stan.

nobel-room.jpg (4403 x 1100 - 812K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 89° (Set) Full size is 13132 x 3281 (43 Megapix) (5' 6" x 16" at 200PPI)
Stockholm City Hall, where Nobel Prize ceremony is done

The grand room in the City Hall, where the Nobel Prize banquet is held.

vasa-dock-22.jpg (7469 x 1100 - 738K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 53° (Set) Full size is 24465 x 3603 (88 Megapix) (8' 9" x 16" at 232PPI)
Water view from near Vasa Museum

A dusk shot from the front of the Vasa museum. You see some of the islands, and the Vasa and Nordic museums behind you.

riksdag.jpg (11766 x 1100 - 1597K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 33° (Set) Full size is 40241 x 3762 (151 Megapix) (13' 10" x 16" at 242PPI)
View into town from Stockholm Palace

The Riksdag from the steps of the palace.

skansen-nordic-fall.jpg (7170 x 1100 - 1389K) or VR/Zoom!157° x 24° (.pano) Full size is 24397 x 3743 (91 Megapix) (8' 5" x 16" at 241PPI)
Fall colour in Stockholm

From Skansen park, a view of the fall colours of Stockholm.

stock-cityhall-gold.jpg (4435 x 1100 - 749K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 89° (Set) Full size is 14922 x 3701 (55 Megapix) (5' 2" x 16" at 238PPI)
Stockholm City Hall

Gilded room in Stockholm city hall.

stock-statue.jpg (17288 x 1100 - 2775K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 22° (Set) Full size is 55951 x 3560 (199 Megapix) (20' 4" x 16" at 229PPI)
Stockholm Harbour with ferries

A full 360 view of Norrström harbour from the statue of King Gustav that sits on the edge of it.

abba-medley.jpg (4510 x 1100 - 753K) or VR/Zoom!240° x 58° (Set) Full size is 14468 x 3529 (51 Megapix) (5' 4" x 16" at 227PPI)
A band inside the Stockholm Palace plays ABBA tunes

At the changing of the guard at the palace, the band gets the biggest hand from the crowd by playing, I kid you not, an meddley of Abba tunes.

tower22.jpg (7515 x 1100 - 811K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 52° (Set) Full size is 24957 x 3652 (91 Megapix) (8' 10" x 16" at 235PPI)
Stockholm distant view from the tower

The Kaknästornet TV Tower offers a view of Stockholm from 155 meters. This is a wide angle, 360 degree view, with fall colours, parks and much of the archipelago.

tower-50.jpg (17799 x 1100 - 1713K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 22° (Set) Full size is 55942 x 3457 (193 Megapix) (20' 11" x 16" at 223PPI)
Detailed distant view of Stockholm from Kaknästornet

This view from the TV tower, shot with a 50mm lens, gives you a high-detail view of the entire 360 view.

(1131 x 1100 - 230K) or VR/Zoom!

91° x 88° (.pano) Full size is 3165 x 3079 (10 Megapix)
(For example, 16" x 16" at 198PPI)

Aft view of the Vasa

A shot including the rear of the Vasa, which is intricately detailed.

Other Stockholm Panoramas

Because some new panorama software makes it easier to assemble them, I have several additional ones not shown here because they are either less interesting or are variations of what you see here. Check out Other panoramas of Stockholm.