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Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki, Finland

These photographs come from a Baltic trip to Helsinki, Stockholm and St. Petersburg. After this trip, I purchased some new panorama software, called AutoPano Pro. "APP" as it is called is much more automatic than my other tools, and handles handheld-shot panoramas with a lot less work. However, as yet it can't fine tune panos as perfectly so I will still be using Panorama Factory for some of these.

Helsinki (pronounced HEL-sin-key), also known by its founding name of Helsingfors, is the world's most northern capital, but thanks to the gulfstream, it's really not that cold.

Alas, at this time of year there wasn't a lot of good weather, limiting what I could shoot. You can also visit other galleries of Europe.

silja-50-sunset_stitched_1.jpg (10049 x 960 - 887K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 40185 x 3839 (154 Megapix). (13' 6" x 16" [$162] at 247PPI)

The south harbour, at sunset, from the deck of the Silja Symphony, our cruise-ferry for the night. Sunlight reddens the clouds above the Lutheran and Orthodox churches and other landmarks of Helsinki. The German church is to the left, and Market Square in the middle.

ferry-in-4.jpg (5967 x 960 - 867K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 20998 x 3378 (71 Megapix). (8' x 16" [$113] at 217PPI)

That same harbour, in lovely sunlight from an approaching ferry boat. This shot has some flaws, because on a moving ferry boat each shot is from a quite different location.

fromdox.jpg (3389 x 960 - 468K) Full size is 13061 x 3700 (48 Megapix). (5' 5" x 19" [$92] at 200PPI) (See Full-Rez Slice)

View of Helsinki from the Uspensky orthodox cathedral.

rockchurch-back.jpg (4432 x 1100 - 874K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 13192 x 3274 (43 Megapix). (5' 6" x 16" [$82] at 200PPI)

One of Helsinki's unusual attractions is a modern church, known as Temppeliaukio, built right into a dome of solid rock. This 360 degree view is from the balcony at the back.

senate-square.jpg (4095 x 960 - 580K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 15658 x 3671 (57 Megapix). (5' 6" x 16" [$78] at 236PPI)

Helsinki's Senate Sqare faces its main Lutheran church.

hels-twilight.jpg (5967 x 960 - 408K) Full size is 23509 x 3782 (89 Megapix). (8' x 16" [$113] at 244PPI) (See Full-Rez Slice)

Another view from the Silja ship as twilight (and rain) falls on Helsinki.

south-harb.jpg (8444 x 960 - 1412K) Full size is 30425 x 3459 (105 Megapix). (11' 4" x 16" [$143] at 223PPI) (See Full-Rez Slice)

The harbour from the East side with Market Square

sveaborg-monument.jpg (3853 x 960 - 670K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 13120 x 3269 (43 Megapix). (5' 6" x 16" [$82] at 200PPI)

A monument inside Sveaborg (pronounced Svay-borry), the fortress that guarded Helsinki.

from-silja-10.jpg (3881 x 960 - 307K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 13007 x 3217 (42 Megapix). (5' 5" x 16" [$80] at 200PPI)

A wide angle shot shows the cloud patterns of the sunset.

rainy-helsinki.jpg (6929 x 960 - 365K) Full size is 27245 x 3775 (103 Megapix). (9' 4" x 16" [$124] at 243PPI) (See Full-Rez Slice)

A rainstorm falls upon Helsinki as we leave.

There are a few extra variations on these views.