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cntower-green.jpg (7022 x 1100 - 921K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 18461 x 2892 (53 Megapix). (8' 3" x 15" [$115] at 186PPI)

Many residents of Toronto don't recognize this 360 degree view of the city. The reason is that two of Toronto's most famous landmarks are missing from it -- the CN Tower and the Skydome. The reason, of course is the picture was taken from the observation deck of the CN Tower.

This panorama was very hard to make. I took it too late in the day so the sun interferes too much to the west. In addition, you have to shoot through windows and move around to get the view, so there is bad parallax.

The result however is a picture unlike any other of Toronto, showing downtown, the Island, the waterfront and more all in one interesting photo.

Panorama: Toronto from C.N. Tower
cnt.jpg (3533 x 600 - 233K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 9544 x 1621 (15 Megapix). (4' 5" x 9" [$36] at 180PPI)

An earlier CN Tower, taken before the trees have turned green. There is a fire in Scarborough. Made with Panorama Factory, and on film with a slightly wider lens.

Interestingly enough, fellow photograph Declan McCullah took a photograph of me taking this photo!

Panorama: Toronto at night from 99 Queen's Quay

or Flash Zoom!(1886 x 600 - 105K)

Full size is 9139 x 2908 (26 Megapix)
(For example, 4' 1" x 15" [$58] at 187PPI)

Here's a shot of the Toronto skyline at night. This shot, a 200 degree view from the top of 99 Queen's Quay, was hard because the film lab didn't understand night shots and cut the negatives in the middle. I had to play some repair games.

minden-105.jpg (9911 x 1100 - 3148K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 49301 x 5472 (270 Megapix). (11' 8" x 15" [$145] at 353PPI)

Fall colour over Minden, Ontario

lake-north-minden.jpg (10304 x 1100 - 2353K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 49523 x 5287 (262 Megapix). (12' 1" x 15" [$149] at 341PPI)

A lake north of Minden, perhaps Mountain Lake

niag-winter.jpg (7503 x 1100 - 1006K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 14652 x 2148 (31 Megapix). (6' 9" x 12" [$74] at 180PPI)

A shot of Niagara Falls in winter. This shot also makes sense in black and white, or cropped to just the falls zone, which is how I used to have it up.

or Flash Zoom!(2377 x 1100 - 509K)

Full size is 19838 x 10404 (206 Megapix)
(For example, 4' 11" x 2' 7" [$129] at 335PPI)

A flawed shot of Niagara falls from the air. Stitching from a fast moving aircraft is very hard, and it's also easy to make mistakes when doing it quickly by hand. That doesn't stop this one from being interesting -- and there is a nice rectangle in the middle which is suitable for printing, too.

or Flash Zoom!(2778 x 1100 - 892K)

Full size is 30558 x 12100 (370 Megapix)
(For example, 6' 6" x 2' 7" [$158] at 390PPI)

Another shot with a few flaws, from the Ontario side capturing more of the towns.

or Flash Zoom!(1031 x 1100 - 186K)

Full size is 8192 x 8742 (72 Megapix)
(For example, 3' 5" x 3' 8" [$127] at 200PPI)

Looking straight down on the falls.

nathan-first-tenth.jpg (5381 x 1100 - 742K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 51724 x 10574 (547 Megapix). (6' 4" x 15" [$90] at 682PPI)

In winter, Nathan Phillips square, in front of Toronto City Hall, is a popular skating rink. On a cloudy night in Christmas week, many are out skating.

Panorama: Ottawa from Peace Tower
ottawa.jpg (8838 x 960 - 1160K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 7291 x 792 (6 Megapix). (3' 5" x 4" [$25] at 180PPI)

While this is a low-res shot taken with the digital camera, many from Ottawa still ask for copies of it, so I have put it here. It's from the Peace Tower, taken in March of 1999 after my stepbrother's wedding in the Parliament reading room. This shot also had the windows and parallax problems of the CN Tower shot.

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