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Rest of Ontario

Rest of Ontario

Toronto is my hometown, and while I don't live there any more I've gotten back a few times to take some shots from various places.

Panorama: Toronto, from Centre Island
centre-island1.jpg (3485 x 600 - 206K)
Full size is 8293 x 1428. (3' 5" x 7" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

The classic Toronto Skyline from Centre Island. The colour of the water is fake. Since it wasn't a very sunny day, I decided to fake it. Shot with 50mm lens, not in sequence in order to try to get sunlight on most of the targets.

Panorama: Toronto, from the docks
toronto-docks-wide.jpg (4929 x 600 - 262K)
Full size is 12017 x 1463. (5' x 7" [$31] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

Another skyline, this time from the docks. 220 degree view. It's a nice panorama but the view is a little too far off center. As with all Toronto shots, you need a wide angle to get the CN Tower in, costing resolution on the buildings.

Panorama: Toronto, from the mouth of the Humber
toronto-humber-1.jpg (3268 x 600 - 229K)
Full size is 7777 x 1428. (3' 3" x 7" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

A shot of the east end of Toronto, all the way from the mouth of the Humber to downtown.

Panorama: Toronto at night
toronto.jpg (4301 x 600 - 291K)
Full size is 6007 x 838. (2' 6" x 4" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

A shot from 701 Don Mills Road of downtown. That's the Don Valley Parkway.

Panorama: Niagara Falls on a cloudy day
niagara-cloudy.jpg (3347 x 600 - 219K)
Full size is 10440 x 1872. (4' 4" x 9" [$34] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

This view of Niagara Falls will be great some day because it shows both falls. however, the day I shot it the weather was dreary.