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Northwest (Washington, Idaho)

Northwest (Washington, Idaho)

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Our Rockies trip started and ended in Portland, which meant crossing over to the Rockies in Washington.

Here are some of the panoramas. The regular photos are not yet categorized.

After leaving Idaho, we went on to Montana and Glacier Park.

dry-fall.jpg (2759 x 800 - 262K) or VR/Zoom!262° x 77° (IVR) Full size is 10517 x 3049 (32 Megapix) (4' 5" x 16" at 196PPI)
The Dry Falls giant ancient waterfall

Inner Washington is stark, but one striking feature is Dry Falls. Here, long ago, a waterfall much grander than Niagara fell. During the end of the ice age, natural dams and lakes were formed in stages, then released, over thousands of years. (Creationists don't like this area.) During the burst periods, this waterfall raged.

coulee.jpg (2382 x 800 - 350K) or VR/Zoom!167° x 53° (IVR) Full size is 9664 x 3245 (31 Megapix) (4' x 16" at 200PPI)
Grand Coulee Dam

Further up the Grand Coulee is the famous dam, largest in the USA.

seattle.jpg (5526 x 960 - 768K) or VR/Zoom!224° (FL) Full size is 19336 x 3359 (65 Megapix) (7' 5" x 16" at 216PPI)

Seattle from the north, just after rain.

(2109 x 800 - 164K) or VR/Zoom!

251° x 94° (IVR) Full size is 7580 x 2875 (22 Megapix)
(For example, 3' 5" x 16" at 185PPI)

Lake Pend-Oreille

As we entered Idaho, we went past Lake Pend-Oreille for a pretty sunset.

(1882 x 800 - 278K) or VR/Zoom!

226° x 94° (IVR) Full size is 6764 x 2876 (19 Megapix)
(For example, 3' x 15" at 185PPI)

The Clark Fork in Idao

In the morning, we continued down the Clark Fork river, shrouded in morning mist. From there we went into Montana and then returned to Washington after visits to Alberta and British Columbia.

ncascades.jpg (4011 x 800 - 478K) or VR/Zoom!254° x 53° (IVR) Full size is 16073 x 3206 (51 Megapix) (6' 6" x 16" at 206PPI)
Highway 20 North Cascades

Highway 20 is spectacular, but most of our trip along it was in the rain. We pulled in on a clear night to capture the western vista.

north-cascades-wide.jpg (3178 x 800 - 371K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 89° (IVR) Full size is 11618 x 2925 (34 Megapix) (5' 2" x 16" at 188PPI)
North Cascades Wide

This is the same shot, wider angle, showing the steep drop and a 360 view.

cascade-mist.jpg (2365 x 800 - 240K) or VR/Zoom!143° x 48° (IVR) Full size is 9296 x 3145 (29 Megapix) (3' 10" x 16" at 200PPI)
Cascades in the mist

It was hard rain and mist by the time we reached the visitor center. Still, the trees and mountains in the mist made a shot of interest. Also have this wide angle.

From there we drove all the way in the rain to Eugene, and the Oregon Country Fair.