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Montana (Glacier National Park)

Montana (Glacier National Park)

My first trip to Montana I had barely started panoramics. Later I returned to the northern tip for a trip through Glacier National Park and the deservedly famous Going To the Sun Road. We came in from Washington and Idaho.

This road is indeed one of the world's most spectacular. At the best spots, however, it was difficult to stop so I didn't get a pano from the best western spot this trip.

glacier-mcdonald-10.jpg (4444 x 1100 - 1232K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 78° (IVR) Full size is 11436 x 2831 (32 Megapix) (5' 3" x 16" at 182PPI)
McDonald lake in Glacier NP

McDonald lake fills the western valley. It's popular for boating and fabulous views of Logan pass, though this day has some haze.

glacier-mcdonald-50.jpg (3458 x 1100 - 670K) or VR/Zoom!78° x 24° (IVR) Full size is 10791 x 3433 (37 Megapix) (4' 6" x 17" at 200PPI)
Mount Logan from the lake

glacier-park_stitched_1.jpg (4989 x 1100 - 1296K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 79° (Set) Full size is 10741 x 2368 (25 Megapix) (5' x 13" at 180PPI)
Riverbed in glacial valley

In the bottom of the glacial valley, one I stood on the riverbed for this 360

logan-up.jpg (2319 x 1100 - 420K) or VR/Zoom!196° x 91° (IVR) Full size is 6120 x 2903 (18 Megapix) (2' 9" x 16" at 187PPI)
Going to the Sun Road

Halfway up the Going-to-the-Sun Road, we stopped after a construction zone. Here's a wide look onto the valley from the north.

logan-visitor.jpg (2553 x 1100 - 557K) or VR/Zoom!203° x 87° (IVR) Full size is 6532 x 2814 (18 Megapix) (3' x 15" at 181PPI)
Visitor Center, Glacier NP

View from visitor center at top of Logan Pass.

to-the-sun.jpg (4176 x 1100 - 766K) or VR/Zoom!195° x 53° (IVR) Full size is 12175 x 3207 (39 Megapix) (5' 1" x 16" at 200PPI)
View to the east, Top of Logan pass

stmary.jpg (3754 x 1100 - 596K) or VR/Zoom!179° x 53° (IVR) Full size is 11033 x 3233 (36 Megapix) (4' 7" x 16" at 200PPI)
St. Mary's Lake

St. Mary's lake fills the eastern part of the trip.

top-pano.jpg (6322 x 1015 - 1124K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 57° (Set) Full size is 6322 x 1015 (6 Megapix) (2' 11" x 6" at 180PPI)
Top of the Beartooth Highway

To finish this page, here's a very early panorama from 1998 taken with my earliest .75MP digital camera. It's of the top of Beartooth pass, one of the highest passes in the USA, which comes out of Yellowstone and into Montana. The top is above the treeline, but the eastern descent is actually the most spectacular.

Brad Templeton's Panoramic Photography
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