Photo Links

Photo Links

Here's a typical panorama link. Clicking on the picture itself will bring up a large (but still reduced) version of the panorama in my image viewer. My image viewer lets you choose what size you would like to see photos. If the full size is too large, you can scale them to a desired size in pixels or kilobytes. It remembers what size you like for future pictures. Scaling on the fly for large images can cause some delay.

(3370 x 1100 - 275K)

248° (FL) Full size is 7678 x 2506 (19 Megapix)
(For example, 3' 7" x 14" at 180PPI)

Sunset light on Monument Valley

Below the picture are the dimensions of the image and its size in kilobytes. If you click on the size, you get a direct link to the image, bypassing the image viewer.

For panoramas, underneath this you will see a link for a "slice at full resolution." This link will call up an 800 pixel wide slice from the middle of the full panorama as I currently have it. This will let you see the detail you will see if you buy the full image. In many cases the resolution is high enough to be slightly blurred, but they always look good on paper.

Below that is a description of the size of the actual panorama. The versions on the web have been scaled down to no higher than 600 pixels and no wider than 7900 pixels (The limit of netscape.) A size in inches at 200 DPI is given, or a higher DPI if the image is so high res that this would be taller than the 12" limit of EZPrints. 200dpi is a good resolution to print these at, however, they often look fine even at 133 or 150DPI if not looked at too closely. For wall mounts, the effect of size may be more important than fine detail up close.

Many of my panoramas were only scanned at half resolution anyway, so if there is strong interest, I can rescan and recompose them to provide around 2800 pixels of height -- 12 inches high at around 240dpi.