Brad Templeton's Photography
Using the zoom viewer

Using the zoom viewer

Many of the panoramas, particularly the large ones, are presented with an interactive "zoom viewer" which requires the Flash plugin. If you don't have the plugin (or there is no zoom view prepared) you will see a large jpeg which you can pan through using the scroll bars of your browser, or download for viewing on your computer.

In the zoom viewer there are many ways to move around. The simplest instructions are:

Full screen is strongly recommended for the larger panoramas, but disables all keyboard functions except the arrow keys.

However, here are some other tricks dragging the mouse.

Different views

Fun thing to do: Go into fullscreen mode on a big monitor with a 360 degree panorama. Adjust size to fill screen and hold down arrow keys or pan controls and spin around like you were there. You may get dizzy.

Don't forget to zoom in on your favourite points of interest.