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Panorama FAQ

Panorama FAQ

See also VR Viewer Help and Zoom Viewer Help.

How do you make photographs like this?

Super resolution and wide-angle/360 photos are made by taking multiple overlapping pictures with an ordinary camera and blending them together with special software.

What camera do you us?

You can use any camera, from a mobile phone to a high-end DSLR. While most of my shots were made with the Sony A7RII mirrorless cameras, various Canon DSLRs and a few film shots, some were shot with quality point-and-shoots.

Why don't you always shoot 360 degree views and full spheres?

My focus is on super high quality, high resolution images. As such I often only shoot where the scene is interesting, not bothering to shoot walls or boring scenes behind me. Above and below are rarely interesting, and a lot of work to shoot. For VR, is is nicer to have 360 degrees and at very tall vertical field of view, but I didn't always shoot that.

Should I use a VR headset or a desktop computer

Most of the shots are ideal on a desktop computer with a giant 4K display. That's how I I look at them. Use the fullscreen button. However, a subset of my work, with tall and wide fields of view also provide a great "be there" experience in VR which I also recommend. VR resolution isn't great, but there is a way to zoom if you stare at something a while.

Why don't some of the 360 images join up right?

For many years, I shot without VR or even wrap-around display in mind, and made the images to print or pan around. (Printing is still the only way to see all the resolution at once.) As such, even 360 shots would be produced with a little extra on the ends, duplicating part of the scene.

When I moved to produce the images for VR and wrap-around viewing, I used these images, which then show a flaw at this area. If necessary, I can rebuild the images for proper display, and I will with time, but that's a lot of work and the flaw is not that bothersome.

What are the lost images?

See the note on lost images

Why does the quality vary?

Technology has improved greatly with time. My oldest images were shot on film. Over time, I got better cameras and lenses on a regular basis. At the same time, sometimes I have used smaller cameras if that was what I had.

In addition, more recently I have done more multi-row images which can have even greater resolution when needed. They present problems, however, if the scene changes between rows when objects (and clouds) move.

Can I purchase prints?

I used to do that, but frankly due to the work I need more convincing these days. That said, a giant print is the only way to truly see the full resolution and scope at once.

How do I zoom out?

See the Zoom viewer help for details on this and several other questions. (Use right-click and select "Widen View" or use the button in the toolbar is the short answer.) You can zoom in and out fully in the wide view, but can't wrap around in 360 degrees.

What about other locations?

I have continued to shoot panoramas and I have at least 1,000 that have yet to be assembled, due to the work. It's gotten easier to shoot than to build.