Photos from the Deck of the Marco Polo

Photos from the Deck of the Marco Polo

Part of the Eclipse '99 photo series.

These photos, with some others are also part of my Black Sea Eclipse Cruise photo-essay, and in particular see the Ship Page has the photos from onboard ship.

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People get ready on the aft deck, before 1st contact.

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The top deck of the ship was a heliport. Many watched up here though most with telescopes set up on the lower, stabler decks.

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The Marco Polo's location, in the middle of open sea, was for some reason popular, and about 8 other ships joined us. Here are some off the stern.

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A closer shot of a passing ship, with some giant Japanese naval binoculars ready to view the eclipse.

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The two of us pose, with my Meade ETX projecting an image of the sun just after 1st contact onto a screen we're holding.

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Us posing with telescopes and cameras on the aft deck.

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Here are a few people gathering on the forward deck. I didn't spend much time here, it seems almost everybody went aft.

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This is a giant (actually scaled down quite a bit from the size I made it at) 360 degree panorama of the aft section of the Marco Polo waiting for the eclipse. If you have the bandwidth to download it, you can see the other ships in the water around it, and all the people setting up for the eclipse. Unfortunately this panorama suffers from some vignetting problems (bands in the sky), and moving people of course cause the occasional confusion.