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Filling out Form 2976-A Customs Form

Filling out Form 2976-A Customs Form

To ship out of the USA by mail, I need to add a customs form. It is handy if you can fill it out for me with your info, though if need be I will do it.

You can create the form online as a PDF and E-mail it to me to print.

Sender Information

Enter Brad Templeton, 1113 Lochinvar Ave, City: Sunnyvale, State: CA, Zip: 94087, Phone: 4156928449

Your own info goes on the other side.

Package Information

Contents: Commercial goods

Content Description: Poster

Total Weight will be around 12 oz to 1lb, depending on how big you printed it. 5oz for the tube and .9 oz per square foot. 7oz for 24" tubes. Delivery type will typically be Airmail/Priority. You don't have to fill anything else.

Add Items

You must do the description again, and indicate quantity 1 (if that's correct) and a weight (without tube).

The HS Tariff number is 490110 (Poster). Country of Origin: USA


Check it and generate PDF, then download PDF and attach in an e-mail to me.