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Buying Panoramics

Buying Panoramics

Custom prints of my panoramics may be purchased. I can print them in any size, up to about 50 feet long and 40 inches high. For sales in/of the USA, I'll forward to an appropriate 3rd party. (I'm Canadian.)

For Burning Man panoramics, a special arrangement with BRC LLC allows sale of Burning Man Art. You can arrange for a portion of your purchase price to go as a donation to the Black Rock Arts Foundation, which supports Burning Man related art. You can either arrange for me to make that donation, or if you want to give more, you can tell me you're doing it yourself.

In general, panoramas at least a few feet long sell for $10 per square foot. Your price will depend on the size. Look at the aspect ratio of the panorama, the ratio of width to height. For example, with an panorma with a 12 to 1 aspect ratio, you could print it 1' high and 12' long, at a price of $120. ($10 per square foot.) Printed 9" high and 9' long, it would be $67.50. Shipping is around $7 to $12, more for rush orders. On a $100 Burning Man print, a $20 donation to BRAF is suggested, but we encourage you to give more.

Most popular shots include the 2002 images. The 2002 night panorama has a 14.44 to 1 aspect ratio. It can be printed up to 12" high and still be sharp. The 2002 long day panorama has a 15.1 to 1 ratio. It can be printed up to about 25' long and still be sharp up close. The 2002 wide angle day shot has a much more manageable 5.75 to 1 ratio, and can be printed up to about 20" high by 9.2' long.

The 2003 giant shot has been printed up to 32 feet long and still looks good. You need a special wall for that.

New: Prints can also be made with archival pigment for $15/square foot or on canvas with archival pigment for $24 per square foot.

Contact me at "pano" at "" with more questions.