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Guide to Burning Man Panoramas in VR

Guide to Burning Man Panoramas in VR

There are over 130 Burning Man Panoramas on this site. Most are high resolution and may be best viewed on a regular large monitor (especially 4K) in fullscreen mode. Just pan around with arrow keys, zoom with the scroll wheel and follow the tours.

The ones which have value in VR are the ones with wrap-around views and a tall field of view. Often I shoot narrow ribbons of the whole city, not shooting the sky or the ground as they don't have much detail. But some shots are tall and can give you that sense of presence you find in VR.

You can view any of the panorama tours in VR, year by year. Just click on one, enter any panorama and select the VR Headset button in the bottom left. But these special tours, which can be found on the "Burn VR" gallery, contain only the tall immersive panos.

  1. All the VR-suitable panos in one giant tour
  2. All the 360 degree shots
  3. All the tall 360 degree shots
  4. The best tower shots, one from each year
  5. Ground-level immersive views