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Annotating the Photos

Annotating the Photos

I have set up some beta software to allow annotation of the aerial photos so you can mark camps, streets and art. It is very similar to Flickr.

To add a note, click on "add note" and move and resize the box. Then fill out the text below. As the photos are big, you may have to scroll down to the bottom to see the text box and the OK/Cancel box. I recommend you make your browser window full size when viewing these and especially if annotating. The F11 key does that in most browsers, press it again to restore normal size.

When adding notes, don't totally overlap somebody else's note. Play nice. Don't delete other people's notes or edit them in a destructive way. Be a good virtual playa citizen.

In addition, realize if you put a giant box around a large camp, it's harder for people to label things inside the box.

Important note for Firefox and Mozilla users: Right now there is a bug so you can only work with notes by putting your mouse exactly on the border of the note. That means to see a note, you must move your mouse to the border (bottom border is best because you can then move down a bit and still see the text.) If you need to edit a note, you must click "Edit Note" and then move your mouse precisely to a border before you click on the note you want to edit.

Burning Man notes: Only annotate things that are not particularly obvious. Not much need to annotate the man, or center camp cafe etc. Generally only need to annotate one street point or intersection, since the others will be obvious (all shots are from the outside of the city, unless obviously looking from way across the playa.) If you see people you know, and they won't mind, you can annotate them. Or art cars.