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The Rest of Utah

The Rest of Utah

VR Tour

Failure making utah/zion-visitor-pano.jpg

The view from the back of the visitor center in Zion. I overexposed the middle frame. The one major disadvantage of shooting on film is you don't find that out until you develop.

Failure making utah/zion2.jpg

Failure making utah/zion-enter.jpg

The road into Zion National Park, along the Virgin river.

Failure making utah/bryce2.jpg

Failure making utah/bryce-south.jpg

The air around there is wonderfully clear.

Failure making utah/bryce-sunrise-pt.jpg

I think this is from Sunrise Point in Bryce. Taken with Olympus Stylus Epic on the walking stick.

Failure making utah/escalante3.jpg

A nice landscape in Grand Staircase/Escalante National Monument, created just recently by Bill Clinton. While the main reason for creating it was to stop further mining, the territory is truly beautiful and worthy of protection.

Failure making utah/capreef-enter.jpg

A mesa at the entrance to Capitol Reef National Park.

Failure making utah/capreef-chimney-360.jpg

A 360 degree view in Capitol Reef, from near the famous "Chimney Rock." My RV is visible in the parking area.