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Other Regions

Other Regions

Here are pictures from other regions. Most are not top quality.

Panorama: Boston 360 view from Prudential tower
pru1.jpg (4866 x 700 - 504K)
Full size is 19129 x 2752. (6' 11" x 1' [$70] at 229DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

A 360 degree view of Boston from the Prudential Skywalk. A much nicer one replacing a dreary cloudy one I had earlier.

Panorama: Trout-Lake, Yellowstone
trout-banner.jpg (4320 x 600 - 427K)
Full size is 5361 x 742. (2' 3" x 4" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

Trout Lake in Yellowstone National Park. Low-res digital, but still pretty. Shot on my walking-stick monopod. You have to hike up a bit from the road east out of the park to get to this lovely lake.

Panorama: 14,000 foot mountain in Colorado
fourteener.jpg (2648 x 600 - 94K)
Full size is 4328 x 981. (1' 10" x 5" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

Mt. Princeton, an over-14,000 foot mountain glimpsed in a break in the clouds near Beuna Vista, Colorado.

Panorama: Grand Lake, entrance to Rocky Mountain National Park
grandlake.jpg (2781 x 600 - 223K)
Full size is 3758 x 911. (1' 7" x 5" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

Grand Lake on the way to Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado.

Panorama: M.S. Marco Polo, before solar eclipse
ship-eclipse-360.jpg (6031 x 600 - 407K)
Full size is 10342 x 1029. (4' 4" x 5" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

This shot was taken on my cruise ship before the 99 eclipse. See all the other ships gathered on the sea with us. For some reason I got really bad light fall-off. It was taken with my Olympus because all other cameras were getting ready to shoot the Eclipse.

Panorama: Aricebo Radio Observatory
dish-pano.jpg (1459 x 600 - 149K)
Full size is 2434 x 1001. (1' x 5" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

The dish at the Aricebo radio observatory. This handheld pano doesn't stitch perfectly but it is the only way to see the whole dish from the observation platform short of a fish-eye. You may recognize this observatory -- the largest radio telescope in the world -- from "Contact" or "GoldenEye."

Panorama: Beartooth Highway, Montana
top-pano.jpg (4983 x 800 - 752K)
Full size is 6322 x 1015. (2' 8" x 5" [$25] at 200DPI) (Full-Rez Slice)

The top of the Beartooth Pass in Montana. This low-res digital doesn't do it justice. At almost 11,000 feet the trees are gone. The drive is spectacular but hard to photograph, even with panoramics.