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Views of Moraine Lake and Lake Louise

Views of Moraine Lake and Lake Louise

Two of the world's most beautiful lakes are found in Banff National Park in Alberta. I have returned to them several times to photograph there. I've never quite captured Lake Louise as well as I have Moraine Lake. ML is not accessible by car in winter so I have yet to shoot it then.

The view below is famous to older Canadians, it was found on the back of the $20 bill during the seventies.

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This shot is one of my highest resolution panoramas. I've worked from a a smaller version here, but the big one, at 14,000 pixels high can be printed six feet high and still be sharp up close.

Panorama: Moraine Lake, Alberta

(2638 x 1100 - 598K)

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(This photo of Moraine is available as a jigsaw puzzle from Ravensberger.)

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Shot on the same day, this hi-res shot captures the wider view (about 270 degrees) and more sky and moraine as well.

Panorama: Moraine Lake, Alberta

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A shot of the logjam at the side of Moraine lake on a cloudier day.

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A half-gigapixel shot of Lake Louise with a focus on the central lake and people out on canoes.

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300MPIX wide shot of Louise from June 2010

louise-frozen.jpg (5643 x 1100 - 637K) or Flash Zoom!Full size is 17246 x 3362 (58 Megapix). (6' 8" x 16" [$94] at 216PPI) (See 50%-Rez Slice)

When Lake Louise is frozen, the wonderful colour is gone, but you can put your tripod on the lake and shoot the Chateau and glacier and the rest.

Panorama: Lake Louise in summer, 360 view
louiset.jpg (6371 x 960 - 1069K) Full size is 21693 x 3269 (71 Megapix). (8' 7" x 16" [$118] at 210PPI) (See Full-Rez Slice)

A view of Lake Louise from the shore in summer. Louise is actually most spectacular I think if you get some elevation above it, such as from the Chateau. Shots from the shore don't get the colour as well.

Panorama: Lake Louise in winter, from chateau

(2803 x 960 - 348K)

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Snow covered Lake Louise from the chateau, at sunrise. Sadly, I realized after the fact the camera has been set in low resolution mode, so I don't have supersized prints of this.

Panorama: Lake Louise with dark sky

(2632 x 960 - 384K)

Full size is 8065 x 2942 (24 Megapix)
(For example, 3' 6" x 16" [$50] at 189PPI)
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One cloudy day, I shot the lake with a gradient filter to make the clouds darker.

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