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Lesser quality European Panoramas

Lesser quality European Panoramas

This is Istanbul (was Constantinople) and the Bosphorus strait from the roof of the Hilton. A hazy town so not the best shot.

Failure making euro/dorsay-wide.jpg

A wide-angle shot of the Musee D'Orsay in Paris.

Failure making euro/library.jpg

The library at Ephesus. This town of Roman ruins is impressive and the restored library is the highlight. The moving people and lack of tripod made this a problematic panorama.

Failure making euro/istanbul-night-pano.jpg

Here's Istanbul at night. Exposure could have been better.

Failure making euro/acropolis.jpg

They don't allow you to take a Tripod into the acropolis without an expensive permit. Yuck. This handheld panorama, a 360 degree view of hazy Athens, just didn't work out too well. Normally with moving people I use PhotoVista, but it couldn't handle this. Panorama Factory causes ghosts.

Failure making euro/corinth.jpg

The Corinthian canal. Attempted for thousands of years, finally finished in the early 20th century. The sloped walls make it seem deeper than it is.

Failure making euro/mycenae.jpg

Mycenae, the ancient city of Agamemnon. The countryside is very hazy, detracting from this panorama but the city is interesting.

Failure making euro/yalta.jpg

Yalta, in the Crimea. Handheld with the Stylus Epic.

Failure making euro/potemkin-steps.jpg

A 24mm panorama, handheld, of the Potemkin steps in Odessa. Doesn't stitch that well.