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British Columbia

British Columbia

Panorama: Vancouver from the canon in Stanley Park
vancouver-canon.jpg (9714 x 960 - 1089K)Full size is 29950 x 2960 (89 Megapix). (12' 6" x 15" [$148] at 200PPI) (See Full-Rez Slice)

Vancouver from Stanley Park, right near the canon. We came to this spot at 9pm, unaware of the canon, which went off as we were parallel parking the car, which is not a sound you want to hear while backing up. Seems funnier now.

Panorama: Vancouver from the south
vancouver-south.jpg (5959 x 960 - 889K)Full size is 20591 x 3317 (68 Megapix). (7' 9" x 15" [$107] at 221PPI) (See Full-Rez Slice)

Vancouver downtown from the south.

Panorama: Emerald Lake, Yoho National Park
emerald-lake.jpg (4480 x 960 - 597K)Full size is 14888 x 3190 (47 Megapix). (5' 10" x 15" [$80] at 212PPI) (See Full-Rez Slice)

Emerald Lake in Yoho National Park. The famous Burgess Shale is up on the mountain ridge in the background.

Panorama: Twilight over Revelstoke

(2847 x 960 - 250K)

Full size is 9604 x 3239 (31 Megapix)
(For example, 4' x 16" [$59] at 200PPI)
(See Full-Rez Slice)

Revelstoke, BC, in twilight.