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Burning Man 201x Panoramas from Webcast

Burning Man 201x Panoramas from Webcast

I stopped attending Burning Man after 2013, but when at home I have watched the livestream, which is provided by Matt Reyes (Motorbike Matt) from an HD pan/tilt/zoom dome security camera mounted on the center camp tower.

The camera is used for a livestream but several years Matt and I have tried experiments panning over the city. I select stills from the video and make a panorama.

The results aren't great, but you can't expect much using a video camera 500 miles away. The camera is not high-res, and there are video compression artifacts in what it sends. It also does its own exposure and colour adjustment which is not what you want in a panorama. In 2018 we attempted some "2 row" panoramas but the colour difference between the rows does not look great. So while they won't match the quality of my other images (see links above for 1998 to 2011) you can even see these during the event.


wide.jpg (16021 x 1061 - 2492K) or VR/Zoom!315° x 20° (Exif) Full size is 16021 x 1061 (17 Megapix) (7' 5" x 6" at 180PPI)

We could not get the new camera to record, but here's a streamed wide angle panorama of 2019.

mancircle.jpg (16679 x 1021 - 1450K) or VR/Zoom!80° x 4° (Set) Full size is 16679 x 1021 (17 Megapix) (7' 9" x 6" at 180PPI)
2019 Detail on circle around the Man

The circle around the man before he burns.


narrow.jpg (21000 x 384 - 1282K) or VR/Zoom!345° x 6° (Set) Full size is 95853 x 1755 (168 Megapix) (44' 5" x 10" at 180PPI)
2018 High Detail

This is the zoomed in panorama which catches the most detail. It'a a 170 megapixel image -- that's a lot from a video stream with barely a megapixel.

tworow.jpg (21000 x 1038 - 3209K) or VR/Zoom!345° x 17° (Set) Full size is 48336 x 2390 (115 Megapix) (22' 5" x 13" at 180PPI)
2018 Two Row

A two-row shot with slightly wider field of view to show more of city and playa. Two different colours in the rows, unfortunately.


photo-bm17-6.jpg (19748 x 1088 - 2705K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 19° (Exif) Full size is 19748 x 1128 (22 Megapix) (9' 2" x 6" at 180PPI)
2017 One Stripe

360 view from one stripe -- this is Burning Man 2017


quickspin.jpg (13637 x 738 - 1193K) or VR/Zoom!360° x 19° (Exif) Full size is 13637 x 738 (10 Megapix) (6' 4" x 4" at 180PPI)
2016 Tall Shot

A wide angle shot of 2016.